home Accessories Adjustable Magnetic Paper Towel Holder by KitchenKlassics

Adjustable Magnetic Paper Towel Holder by KitchenKlassics

Adjustable Magnetic Paper Towel Holder by KitchenKlassics


  • STRONG MAGNETIC SIDES – The strong rubber coated magnetic pads firmly attach to refrigerators, toolboxes or other metal surfaces around the home or shop. The two-piece design of this paper towel holder can accommodate paper towels of any width. Keep paper towels easily accessible in your home, shop or garage.
  • ADJUSTABLE WIDTH FOR VERSATILITY – The Kitchen Klassics towel paper holder is adjustable for any size towel from toilet paper to paper towels in your kitchen to even bathroom wash towels and hand cloths in your home or office! Its versatile design works great as a horizontal towel dispenser and as a vertical paper dispenser.
  • TOP QUALITY, DURABLE DESIGN – Kitchen Klassics believes in producing quality products at an affordable rate. each item is quality checked before it’s packaged and ready to sell. No detail is left unchecked. No wonder why our customers prefer and recommend this towel holder for their commercial and residential applications.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – This towel paper dispenser’s is a great addition to any work bench, storage closet, kitchen, grill, or garage setting. Heavy duty steel holder with magnetic back sticks to any ferrous surface. Decorative and user-friendly makes this a handy addition to many convenient areas to use with paper towels, cloth towels, toilet paper, and even cleaning rags.
  • EASY APPLICATION – NO SCREWS OR HOLES NEEDED – Save your time and walls from unsightly drill holes, which you must make with traditional holders. Since it is magnetic, you can easily move it from your door of your refrigerator to your dishwasher, oven door or tool box where it will be easily accessible and always easy to reach for.

WOW your family, friends, and guests with this heavy-duty Kitchen Klassics magnetic paper towel holder. Open the box, unfold the two collapsed sides and place them on the outside of your fridge for easy access to dirty hands.
General Features & Benefits:
• Creative Modern Design
• High-quality construction
• Built for magnetic strength and longevity
• Saves your wall from unsightly drill holes
• Adjustable to fit various size paper rolls

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